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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a day!

First of all, we all made it just fine to Beijing.  We were met by Joy at the airport - for those of you in our first travel group, you will remember her BIG smile.  It has not changed a bit.  We met up with two of the families traveling - the Rinkelbergs from Iowa, and the Dugans from Michigan.  The Rinklebergs are adopting a little girl and the Dugans a 9 month old girl!

Scarlett has traveled like the trooper we hoped she would  She and Mammaw are inseparable.  We have connecting rooms, so we are running back and forth.  No mishaps; no missed flights.  All was good.

The best time we had was when we got to meet up with Lynsey and Olivia Ferris in O'Hare.  Although we only got to talk an hour, it was SO good to see them again.  Scarlett and I managed to thread our way through the busy airport and find them at the baggage claim.  Lynsey had checked Olivia out of school so she and Scarlett could visit.  The girls hit it off like they'd always known each other.  Lynsey and I tried best we could to catch up in the brief our we had.  Time was just too short!  Here are photos of our visit -
As you can see, they are a couple of gorgeous, but silly, girls!

Here is one of their mamas acting equally silly -

Just in case Scarlett's teacher (Mrs. Butler) checks, Scarlett IS doing her homework.  In fact, here is a photo of her working hard on the airplane ride over -

We had dinner in the hotel this evening. It was hilarious watching my mom try to convey that she wanted a vegetarian meal to the waitstaff.  Everyone is as nice as can be, but the ability to understand "complicated orders" is just not there.  I kept waiting for someone to yell, "Security! Security! These people have got to GO!"  Just to be safe, I ordered a coke and nothing too complex.

So now I am sitting in the lobby of the beautiful Chang'an Hotel in Beijing.  We are able to access blogger just fine.  Tomorrow we head out for the grocery store and bank.  Later in the afternoon, we will go to the Acrobat show.  Should be a lot of fun.

So it is 8:00 p.m. here.  We've been up since 5:00 a.m. on the 7th (it is the 8th now).  I am going to go back to the room.  James just came downstairs to collect me.  Maybe tomorrow's post will make some sense.  We are so tired that this one probably makes none at all.

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Elizabeth Blankenship said...

Whoo Hooo! I am so excited for your family and for you letting us follow along! We will be lifting you up in prayer that you have a safe, fun filled and wonderful journey to Jackson!
Elizabeth Blankenship

Leah said...

Yea!! So glad you all made it! I've been praying for you all. Can't wait to see/hear the rest of your adventures. Scarlett is quite the trooper! I know grown adults who can't handle that flight! :o)

Leah McRae

Peggy said...

So glad to know that you are there safely and all is well! We are so thrilled to be following your journey to Jackson! Please know that you are in our prayers!
Peggy, Bob & Faith

Shauna said...


so glad to see that you all made it to China safely and without any problems! I love reading about your trip and cannot wait for the post when Jackson is in your arms.

Take care,
Shauna Upp

MamaOfTwo said...

YAY!!!! So glad you are safely there. Been thinking of you since you left yesterday and praying for you all.

Happy to hear all is well so far and that Scarlett did well on the flight.

Thinking of you, as you enjoy the next few days in Beijing. Daydreaming of being there with you. Tonight, maybe I'll have to get out our pics from the last trip and reminisce.

Cannot wait to see pics of you holding your beautiful boy, and to see you as a family of four! What a beautiful day that will be.

Continued prayers for you and all those you are traveling with.

Love, M.

Ms. Blanton said...

So glad to hear that you all are getting a lot of sightseeing and school work done while you're in beautiful China. We are missing you in class Scarlett!