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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hutong or Bust!

After the Forbidden City, James and Scarlett toured the hutong by rickshaw.  Laura and Lee chose to stay on the bus as they were cold and wet.  We have no idea what James and Scarlett saw, but we had a great time people watching from the bus!  Garbage pickup was done on a tricycle-type thing with a box on the back.  The man used some huge wooden tongs to pick up trash and place it on the box on the back.  He also had a brush broom (think witch's broom and you will have the type) to sweep up trash.  I'll try to get the photo from Mom.

We saw lots of interesting car models that are not available in the states:  a Nissan Bluebird, a Daewoo Retard bus (no kidding!), some cute, cute mico-mini vans that Laura fell absolutely in love with (I gotta get me one of those!).

James and Scarlett came back from the hutong with a horror story of a misplaced camera - James had left it on the rickshaw but got it back.  Strangely, it had a photo of their rickshaw driver on it.

My girl and my hubby.

The rickshaw driver - a most helpful fellow, according to James.


patty kilgore said...

Oh how thrilling, it is just hours until you will be a family of four. I am bathing you in prayer. I rejoice with and for you and in our amazing God that you are so filled with love. I am itching to see you holding Jackson.
Love you all, Patty

Heather said...

I am stalking your through your experiences...remembering the sights, sounds and feeling! Praying for your little man as well!! Much Love dear friend.....Heather (MDMOM)

MamaOfTwo said...

Stalking...A perfect word. I am continually stalking your blog, also! :)

So thrilled for Scarlett to be having all of these experiences in her birth country. Such an amazing thing for a little girl. I wonder how she will process it all upon returning home - and what things had an impact on her. Very cool.

Praying for Jackson's sweet little heart to be comforted and prepared to meet his new family. Praying for all of you to be ready to meet your new son/brother. Will be a beautiful day. I'm sure no one can wait more than you all.

With love, anxiously awaiting to hear of those first lovely moments together as a family of four.

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for you?!?!?!? :)

Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Johnston said...

Hey folks, no answers to e-mails so we thought we would write here :) Have a wonderful day (today your time, tomorrow our time). Beware, your niece has skype (Lindsey - thechapmans865).
Waiting for more pictures from the rickshaw driver :)

Chris, Becky, and Joshua

MamaOfTwo said...

Just wanted you to know that we are (right now) prayin for Jackson and for your family. We hope you all feel encompassed by the love of those that are lifting you up in prayer.

What I wouldn't give to be there right now with you.

Thinking of you. Can't wait to hear the good news.

Love, M.

Peggy said...

Hey Laura!
Praying for you guys and can't wait to see pics of you guys with little Mr. Jackson! I am SO happy for you guys!
Love and Hugs,

Leah said...

Laura, your stories are cracking me up! Love it! I am going to tie that camera to you all so you CAN'T lose it!! :) I love that the driver took his picture when he found the camera, that's awesome. Glad you are enjoying your trip, can't wait to see picts of Jackson...if the camera makes it that far! hee hee!


Johnston said...

Talked to Laura this morning. She is having trouble getting a connection at her hotel. She got Jackson abt 3:00 today and everyone is doing well. Scarlett and Jackson bonded right off. She will post when she can.

(James' sister)

Johnston said...
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MamaOfTwo said...

YAY for Family Day! :)

Shauna said...

Yea....just read that you have Jackson!! So very excited for your family!! What a joyful time! Praying for Jackson's smooth transition into your family!


Elizabeth Blankenship said...

Congratulations on completing your family! I can't wait to see pictures of Scarlett and Jackson! Hope the connection works soon- everyday I have been checking in to see what fun you all have had!

婆婆妈妈 said...

Hi,Laura, it is so exciting to read your post here and find out that you are having a wonderful trip in China. It is great to know about Beijing from your lens. I am so happy for you! BTW,I heard Beijing is really cold these days. Wear more and stay warm.
With care!

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