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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Excitement

Sunday was an exciting day.  Shiyan took our group to the Guangzhou Folk Art  museum, also known as the Chen Family Museum.  It was a series of buildings build around a common courtyard that the Chen Family used for ancestor worship and to stay at when they were in the city for important events.  It had also been used as an academy.  The buildings are all over 100 years old - relatively new when you think about all the history of China.   This is also where our camera battery died, so enjoy the photos of the day!

These are pottery and lime sculptures on the roof ridge of the museum.

Badminton is popular here.  This is in a little park adjacent to the museum.

Good outside view of the museum before the battery died.

After the museum, we went to Yuelu Park in Guangzhou.  It is one of the most famous parks in all of China.  The large statue of five goats is purportedly known by anyone in China.  This park is where we lost one of our group members and left her behind to find here own way home. I could not believe that we left her.  It really upset me.  The good news is that she was able to hail a taxi and make her way back to our hotel with no problem.  She is an experienced world traveler, so to her, it was no big deal.  To me, and the majority of our group, it was so upsetting.
I will try to find photos of this park from my Mom's camera and add them later today.

The five goats statue that is famous country-wide.

Here are some great photos of the inside of the White Swan Hotel.  There are innumerable artworks here in jade, wood, stone, etc. that we just had to take some photos.

Large jade bullfrog. Purple Rosabelle (Scarlett's African dwarf frog) has something to aspire to!

Jade ship in the lobby.

Scarlett showing Jackson the Koi in the hotel pond.

Waterfall in hotel lobby.

We did some more shopping this evening (big surprise, huh?).  Scarlett is turning into a little James with the shopping.  Watch out!

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patty kilgore said...

What a feast for your senses! How very intricate and beautiful...

The pic of big Sis showing her little brother the Koi is so sweet.

No postcard's still in transit.

I continue to praise God for His care and provision for you. We have such an awesome, limitless God!

Love and Prayers,