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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I didn't expect that!

I am about 3 weeks into Project 333.  It has not been as difficult coming up with 33 pieces as I had first thought.  I didn't expect that.  I discovered that I actually have fewer than 33 pieces that I regularly wear. I also found that I need to add some key pieces to my wardrobe in order to have some variety.  I didn't expect that, either.

I also did not expect that I would have such fun coming up with outfits!  I have stretched my comfort zone in some of the outfits I concocted.  Some were hits and some, well, not so much.  Probably my biggest fashion mistake (according to my fashionista friend, Debbie) is wearing extremely casual khakis with a nicer blouse.  But that is a minor faux pax.  I can live with that. And I did expect that!

I am enjoying the process of finding my style.  It is not something that I will discover overnight, but over time.  Maybe I will get the nerve up soon to post some outfits - but I expect that will be a long time coming.