This is my life...a series of dreams come true on a daily basis. Join me as I run down my dream - maybe you will find your dream in the process.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

I can't wait until Monday and Tuesday nights. Why? Because my favorite reality show, "Dancing with the Stars" comes on. I have not missed a season since its inception. My favorite season? It was last season with Kristi Yamaguchi. Her innate grace and ability to handle anything that her dance partner threw at her simple amazed me. And the fact the Miss Scarlett loved her didn't hurt.

This season is rather a stunner. I mean, who would have thought that Belinda Carlisle and Denise Richards would be voted off before such doofus as Steve-O or worse, a totally inept dancer like Steve Wozniak. At least Wozniak has a bit of geeky charm, which is more than I can say for Steve-O.

My favorite is Gilles Marini...he is such a cutie! And the young lady who was so unceremoniously dumped by the Bachelor...Melissa a natural dancer. She would be a sentimental favorite of mine. And I can't but help love Shawn Johnson. She is such a little tornado on the floor. I can't believe that she is only 17 years old.

So here it is, only Thursday evening. It is a long time before DWTS comes on next. But I can take it. There are re-runs on the web of the older seasons!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a special birthday!

Today I turned 45 years young. I say young, because I honestly do not feel that age. I feel like someone in her late twenties or early thirties. If only I looked that young!

But anyway, today was a lovely day. I was treated to a scrumptious chocolate/whipped cream dessert at work, called too many times to mention, and my sweet family is getting me a new dishwasher! Yes, a dishwasher. Before you say, "UGH! What an awful present!" let me just say that I have requested one for some time. My dear friend, M, would understand. She calls hers "Black Beauty". While mine won't be black (I chose white), it will be a beauty!

I cannot wait to have a dishwasher that works! This has got to be one of my best birthdays, ever!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Love It!

I started my new job more more late nights working...more time with my family!

I have to say that I simply love my new job. My boss is a fine, upstanding human being. My co-workers are all hilarious. The work itself is rewarding, challenging, and fun. Why did I not make the move YEARS ago into insurance? I dunno. All I can say is that I am glad I made the change.

It is never too late to change your career. I did it at 44 years old. I knew a woman in law school who was in her 60s! If she can do it, so can others.

Thank you, Lord, for providing me such a wonderful job!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Secret Agent

So today Miss Scarlett is a secret agent. And by being in the same room with her, I am honored with secret agent status as well.

I didn't know it, but bad guys are everywhere. We have locked up several already. One such bad guy reached his untimely demise in a most "tasteful" manner. He became a chicken and we ate him for dinner. (YUCK!)

I can only wonder (and am afraid to know) what Freud would have said about all this.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not enough hours in a day

Sometimes, I feel that there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I want to do. Have you ever felt that way? I long to have time to seriously devote to my family, my job, my house; but somehow, other things seems to intrude.

Things like the internet. And television. What time wasters they can be. I am discovering time that I thought I had lost by turning off the computer and television. Don't get me wrong: both are wonderful in small doses. What makes them so insidious is that they gradually take over more and more of your life.

Take Facebook, for instance. I was invited to try out Facebook by some friends. I started my FB site, and before I knew it, I was checking the thing 2-3 times a day! And for what? To see what my friends were doing at that very moment.

And the television. Don't even get me started! I can spend WAY too much time watching HGTV (and sometimes watch the same episode 2 times over - like it is gonna change!).

So I am going to make more time for myself. I am going to spend less time on the internet and in front of the "boob tube" and more time on things I love. I challenge you to do the same. Let me know if you find more time for yourself or the ones you love.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing Office

I was sitting at my desk working this evening. Here is a sampling of what I overheard from the small business woman sitting next to me in her Princess pajamas...

"I need to write a letter to tell Romy to bring the thing tomorrow with her to court. No, wait. I'll just call her. Or maybe not." (I am still wondering what the "thing" Romy had to bring is..)

"These calculators are tricky things. Did you know that I can punch in our phone number on it?" (Really?)

"I made you a handprint of my hand so that you won't forget me (like I ever could!). I'll just tape it to your desk so you'll remember."

"I made you a list of notes so you will remember what to do next." (Using about 15 of my Post-It Notes)

"No, I can't talk right now, lady. I have to get the thing over to the Courthouse." (There's that "thing" again)

Kids are so funny. As Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darndest things!"