This is my life...a series of dreams come true on a daily basis. Join me as I run down my dream - maybe you will find your dream in the process.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a Brand New Year

Every January 1, I reflect on the previous year.  A lot has happened in our family in just 12 short months - some really small changes, some really big changes, some really small things that WERE big changes.  Here is 2010 in review:

  • Received news that our family had been approved to adopt Jackson.  We were so happy!
  • Celebrated being a family with our dear Scarlett and preparing to become a family of four.
  • Welcomed our son Jackson into the family.  Having two children is something I always wanted but never dreamed that would come true.  We are complete.
  • Learned about cleft lips and palates - as well as the obstacles that Jackson would encounter along the way.
  • Saw our daughter off to First Grade.  Our little girl is getting so big!
  • Crossed the biggest hurdle of  palate surgery.  Glad that is behind us.
  • Celebrated Jackson being able to use a straw for the first time!  So happy!
  • Hearing TWO children laugh and play - priceless!
  • Added a small Yorkie to the mix.  Sarita is such a fun dog!
  • Celebrated Scarlett's 7th Birthday with several parties given by friends- she is so loved!
  • Saw Halloween in with two kids more interested in giving OUT candy than going Trick or Treating.  
  • Thanksgiving - so much to be thankful for.
  • Mourned with our brother-in-law, who lost his mother 3 days after Thanksgiving.
  • Mourned with my step mom and sister, who lost their mother/grandmother a few days later.
  • Rejoiced remembering the Christ Child who was born so that He could die and pay my debt.  
  • Enjoyed a rare Christmas snow.  Magical!
  • Ate way too many cookies.  But man, the were good!
  • Enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  God has been good to us!

I am looking forward to 2011.  I generally don't make resolutions - I never like to see them broken! :)  But I do want to try to be more organized and write more.  I hope to spend more time having fun with my children - they grow up way too fast!  I hope to grow even closer to God.
But most of all, I hope that my friends and family remain healthy and have a wonderful 2011!