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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beijing and Cloisonne Factory

Today was a crazy, busy day!  We began with the buffet breakfast in the hotel again.  This one was much more to my liking with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and jam.  After a quick bite, we all met in the lobby to board the bus to the Cloisonne factory in Beijing.  Along the way, we saw some sites:

The Olympic Stadium a/k/a Bird's Nest

The Dragon Building

The Beijing Jingbei Hospital

Wait a minute!  How'd that get in here?  The dreaded squatty potty.  Yes, Scarlett and Laura both tried it out and managed to NOT fall in!

The Cloisonne Factory was on the outskirts of Beijing and the oldest cloisonne factory in China.  We were treated to a tour by Stephen (who had trouble remembering his name) of the factory and process of making the cloisonne items.  

The process is quite complicated.   First, an artist draws up the design.  Then, a copper worker glues copper strips on the metal body to create the framework of the design.  After that, it goes to the painter.  The painter take tiny brushes and uses minerals to make the colors.  The painter chooses the colors.  After that, the piece goes for firing at least two times.  Then it gets cleaned and smoothed.  Final touch is the glaze.

We purchased a Panda Pencil cup for Jackson.  Scarlett bought herself a bracelet, some chopsticks (she is getting quite good using these) and a glass globe that is painted inside.

After leaving the factory, we went for lunch.  More to follow...

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MamaOfTwo said...

Glad you're having a good day. Can't wait to hear more. Enjoying your posts very much.

Oh-And, congrats on now falling the Squatty! :-) hehe...

Anxiously awaiting your next post.

Love ya,