This is my life...a series of dreams come true on a daily basis. Join me as I run down my dream - maybe you will find your dream in the process.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Move Along Little Doggies...

This Halloween, Miss Scarlett and her Cousin Josh had an opportunity to go Trick or Treating together for the first time (Josh lives in another state).
Josh had picked out a football player, and Miss Scarlett picked out a cowgirl. Notice the pink hat.

They first had to go visit their grandmothers and Miss Scarlett's Daddy (who was still in the hospital at the time). Afterwards, they had a grand time canvassing the neighborhood (with their mommies close behind pulling a little red wagon).

Miss Scarlett faded at about half the block. Josh bravely foraged on, making sure that he asked for TWO pieces of for him and one for Miss Scarlett. Now honestly, could you ASK for a sweeter boy than that?

Both kids had a wonderful time and received WAAAY too much candy. Of course, we HAD to go through it and make sure that she didn't get anything too bad (bubble gum is a no-no at our house). We also snuck out a few extra little things that we had a fondness for ourselves (Reeses Cups and Skittles).
The children are still talking about all the fun they had. Maybe they will be able to go together again next year. I hope so!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making Progress...

James is making good prgress after his spinal surgery Wednesday. He sitting up in a chair watching his alma mater get pummeled. Luckily for him, he is on some major pain medication, so he isn't feeling the pain of watching his team lose...badly.

He has a long way to go still. He will be wearing a brace for about 3 months that makes him look like some sort of paratrooper. I will have to sneak a picture of him with his brace on for posterity. Thankfully, the doctors that operated on him are first rate...doctors and human beings. They have come in on their days off just to check on James. The compassion they show for James and our family is simply amazing to us. Thank you, Dr. White and Dr. Bolt!

What has blessed us more than anything is the help and prayers from family and friends. James' siblings have all come rushing to help without ever being asked. They just came, saw what was needed, and jumped right in. My side of the family has taken over the care of our daughter, Miss Scarlett, which is a major concern to us. And our friends...they sat with me during his surgery and have prayed for us and/or called daily. Friends that live too far away to be here continually lifted our family up in prayer. We could not have better family and friends.

The biggest news is that the feeling is coming back into James' legs! We were not sure that it would ever come back. We are hopeful that he will have a full and complete recovery. Now if only his alma mater could have a full recovery of its ailing season...