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Saturday, April 17, 2010

First part of medical exam is over

We are done with the first round of the dreaded medical exam.  Jackson did very well until the doctor wanted to look in his ears.  Nobody messes with his ears.  He is very particular about that.  Well, we can mess with them, but no one else!

We are fortunate that we are an I600 family.  We only have to have a TB skin test and no shots here in China.  The other children who are over two years old and under the Hague I800 have to have FIVE shots all at once.  This seems very cruel to do to these children.  I can tell you that this is NOT China's requirement, but our own country's requirement.  Several families (mine included) are petitioning to get this practice halted.

On the way back from the medical exam, James, Jackson and I stopped at Jordan's store to see if we could find a play cell phone.  We were able to find one that plays really loud, obnoxious music that Jackson loves to dance to.  I am thinking the batteries could mysteriously go dead by the time we leave.  We also picked up a pair of squeaky shoes, a police car, an airplane that makes noise, and a calligraphy of Jackson's name in Chinese.  Jackson, in Chinese, means "Excellent Glory".  Quite a moniker for such a small little dude.  Jordan himself did the calligraphy.  Jordan is just as wonderful now as he was five years ago.  I am betting we will be visiting his shop again this week.

After Jordan's, we all went out to eat at Lucy's Bar and Grill, where some of us had hamburgers and french fries.  Jackson had his noodles and fruit, Mom tomato soup and broccoli, and I had linguine with basil, parmesan and olive oil.  Yummy.  Oh, and real iced tea!  Loving the iced tea.  Haven't had that since leaving home.

So now Jackson is napping, the rest of the family are out shopping (and have my camera - hence no photos until later).

So, until later this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Jordan is my absolute favorite shop owner. When we were there adopting Micah we passed him on the street. I recognized him, but before I could say anything he stopped to talk to us. He actually remembered details about Lydia from when we were there 2 1/2 years before -- and Lydia was not with me on the second trip. He's a gem.

Hope you continue to have a great trip. Looking forward to seeing Jackson when you guys are home.

MamaOfTwo said...

Glad this part is over for Jackson, too. Yay for that. As a mama, not my favorite part of the trip either. For some reason, the medical stuff was daunting.

Yay for one more day closer to home.

Love, M.