This is my life...a series of dreams come true on a daily basis. Join me as I run down my dream - maybe you will find your dream in the process.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There's Good News and Bad News...

The Bad News: My sweet little husband has to have surgery. On his spine. Next week. YIKES!

James has a ruptured disc in his mid-chest region with a huge tumor pressing against his spinal cord. It is so large that the doctor says it totally obliterates the spinal cord. To get to the tumor, the doctors will have to go in through his chest wall. James will have to wear a brace for awhile until he is able to keep his torso upright on his own.

The Good News: It isn't cancerous. It isn't multiple sclerosis (which I feared). And it is operable and most likely his numbness and weakness are reversible. Thank God for that!

Please pray for James during the next few weeks. We covet your prayers. Thank you!

Good Bye, Mammaw. Until We Meet Again...

Where do I even begin? My grandmother passing away last week. Bless her heart, she was 93 years old and ready to go home to be with Jesus. She was a wonderful Mammaw. Her favorite thing was to talk on the phone with her friends, of whom there were many. She loved her family, and we loved her. She will be sorely missed.

Mammaw was very active in her church. She was part of the Women's Circle, a greeter on Sunday morning, and worked on the prayer chain at church. Mammaw loved to sing old hymns. I can distinctly remember her singing as she cleaned house or cooked dinner.

Now Mammaw is in Heaven with Jesus. She feels no more pain and is in a perfect body. I miss her more than words can say, but I look forward to the day when we shall meet again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bounce House Party!

Miss Scarlett will soon be 5 years old. For the past year, she has been invited to innumerable "bounce house" parties of other little friends from school or church. This year, we finally relented and said she could have her own bounce house party.

The bounce house parties are quite the thing around here. Bounce houses do a killer business on the weekends. They give you 1 1/2 hours in the bouncy room, and 1/2 hour in the party room. They provide everything but the cake. They even clean up at the end! SWEET!

I can't wait to finally enjoy our sweet girl's party as a guest instead of making myself nuts getting everything done! Thank goodness for Bounce Houses!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dr. Coke?

I have the most adorable nephew in the world. Really. It's true. He is 100% adorable. Joshua loves to take care of others. One of his favorite games right now is to play restaurant. He is an excellent waiter.

"What would you like?" he asks. "Chicken nuggets, french fries and ice water?" (This is his favorite meal). "No, thank you," I always reply. "I'd like a Diet Coke, please."

He runs off an comes back with my Diet Coke. "Here's your Dr. Coke! Is it good?" He is mixing the name of Dr. Pepper up with Diet Coke. Too cute! So from now on as far as I am concerned, all Diet Cokes are now Dr. Cokes. Now if we can just get the rest of the world on board!

Dr. Coke, anyone?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Paint Mom's Toenails...

First, you have to choose the perfect color. Today's choice is cotton candy with sparkles. It is helpful to tell your customer that the color will look terrific with all her favorite Princess gowns and tiara.

Notice the "Vanna-esque" displaying of the nail polish for the customer's approval.

Have you determined what color to use? GREAT! Now you can go on to the next step!
(By the way, who is the customer?)

Next, you hog-tie your Mommy. You might need some help with this, so enlist your Daddy. He is always ready to assist in a worthy cause. And what worthier cause is there than beautifying your Mommy?

Once you have that little problem wrapped up, you can begin the painting process. Careful application of the polish is key. Make sure that you maintain easy access to Mommy's toes. This can sometimes be difficult if your Mommy has sensitive feet and is ticklish. Try to keep her mind occupied with constant chatter and a Diet Coke.

Ta Da! You have your finished masterpiece! Now run before Mommy can get untied, grab you, and steal all of your smoochie-kisses!
(I think Miss Scarlett did a bang-up job, don't you?)