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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adoption Paperwork, Supper at Lucy's and Shopping Crazy

After the medical exam portion of the day, a group of us met in Shiyan's room to fill out our consulate paperwork and do some trading at Shiyan's free store (which was basically stuff other parents had left behind and she was giving away).  We exchanged some little girl swim diapers for 5 pullups and a sippy cup.  The paperwork was completed and left for Shiyan to take to the consulate.

Afterwards in the evening, our adoption group all went to Lucy's for dinner together.  We enjoyed the companionship of friends and catching up on all the sweet children.  The youngest child in our group is 9 months old and the oldest is 10 years old.
Our rather large group has about 11 families in total.  You can see the group in its entirety down the long line of tables.  Scarlett is the little pink shirt on the left about half way down.

Below is Scarlett and Jackson Xinqiang chowing down together on the fried rice.  As we had more than enough rice, we shared it with our friend Kathy and her daughter. who did not like the chicken quesadillas that her Momma ordered.

After supper, some folks made a whirlwind trip to the Carrefour for some necessities of life.  James purchased pull ups, wet wipes, bibs, and little girl underwear (we did not bring enough, apparently).  While he was doing that, Scarlett and I left Jackson with my mom and rushed back to Jordan's for a little tea set she had seen earlier in the day.  When we got to Jordan's the lights were off and it appeared he was closed.  Scarlett was crushed.  But then, out of nowhere like the angel he is, Jordan appeared and opened up his store so my little girl could buy her tea set.  Jordan is absolutely one of the sweetest Christian men I have met in a long time.

Around 8 p.m., the hotels along the Pearl River (the White Swan is one of several) take part in some sort of laser show that lasts about a half hour.  I attempted to take some pictures of the spectacle.  Not sure how well they turned out.

Tomorrow we are going to the Guangzhou Provincial Museum and a park so the children can run amok.  Should be fun.  Hopefully, we will get some good photos.  Until then, enjoy one of Jackson with his new cell phone.


MamaOfTwo said...

Love the pics of your kiddos. So sweet. Glad you are now with your group - a little togetherness is a good thing.

Enjoy your time in GZ.

Love, M.

patty kilgore said...

Praise God the TB test was neg. I have been waiting to hear the medical report. I'm holding you all so close as I inhale your faces. It will be so interesting to talk about the places you are sharing in your pics. Your group amazes me...

Hugs, blessings, and prayers,