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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun day with no plans

Today was the first day we had nothing planned.  We did a little bit of everything.  We started out as always with the huge breakfast buffet at the White Swan.  We sat overlooking the Pearl River and watched the riverboats and ferries go by.  Simply lovely.

After breakfast, we all took a walk around the island and yes, did some more shopping.  James is now officially known as the shopper extraordinaire among the group.  We bought Jackson some more 18-24 months clothes, and Scarlett a couple of dresses that she fell in love with.  She has some very extravagant tastes, that girl!  We picked up some souvenirs for family and friends, then James and Mom headed back to the hotel while Scarlett and I hot-footed it to the little park.  There we met up with a family from Wilkesboro, NC - grandmother, mother, older daughter Olivia (6), younger daughter Lydia (2).  Scarlett and Olivia played well together, as did Jackson and Lydia.  We will hopefully see them around some more.  They were staying at the Victory Hotel, which is just down the street.  Also at the park, we met up with another Bethany family who adopted an 8 year old boy.  I only remember the mother's name is Kendra, and the boy is Matthew.  They are a sweet family from Michigan.
Scarlett and Jackson were hot, dirty and sweaty by the time we left an hour later, so we headed back to our hotel for baths.  On the way, we saw some ladies practicing Tai Chi.

Of course, we had to dodge all the construction on the island.  The streets and sidewalks are not without their perils.  Some of the streets are just muddy paths, and the sidewalks are often blocked. 

But at least the 7-11 was still open - business as usual!

After baths and a quick lunch at Lucy's, James, Mom and Jackson went back to the room for naps and reading.  Scarlett and I headed down to the pool to try it out.  IT WAS FREEZING!  The water must have been in the 50s.  Needless to say, we did not stay long.  We ran back up to our room to warm up and take a quick nap.

After our naps we sallied forth again to further stimulate China's economy.  We did a fine job, as we bought several outfits for both kids at two stores.  I hope that we are almost done with the purchasing.  We already had to buy another suitcase (the first we one bought in Changsha turned out to be too small, so we sold it to another family).  It is my sincere hope that we will NOT fill this one  up!

So that is the latest news from Guangzhou, China.  Tomorrow we go take the oath at the U.S. Consulate and have the famous "Red Couch" photos with the kids in their traditional China clothing.  One day closer to coming home.  As our friend, Mike Coffey, said Monday, "I'd gladly pay $1,000 if I could just go home today.  We love China, and her people, but there truly is "no place like home."


MamaOfTwo said...

Can picture it all because of your wonderfully-detailed posts. :) {big sigh}

Glad you enjoyed the day. Definitely sounds laid back and fun.

Love, M.

Leah said...

Love it, Love it! So glad you all are doing well. Jackson is just SO precious! What a good looking little guy! Tell James I love his funny sign pictures...I do that too! Glad you are doing some quality shopping and found some real iced tea...that is a banner day in China! :) Can't wait to see you all and hear all the stories! Almost done! Hang in there!

Leah :)

Ms. Blanton said...

Thinking bout you guys! Can't wait to hear all of your stories, Scarlett when you get back!

Mrs. Butler

Peggy said...

Hey Laura!
So glad that all is well with you guys! Can't wait for you to get home and get settled so that we can come and visit! Thought we would let you know that we are DTC today! Yipee!
Love & Hugs,

The Shoemakers said...

Aw, another "sunny" day in Guangzhou, hee, hee! I'm so glad you all are enjoying yourselves, but I'm sure you're more than ready to get back to the good ole' U. S. of A. Can you give out your flight information for when you return to Knoxville TYS? Love to you all, Sara