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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Couch and Consulate Oath

Today was another laid back day.  After breakfast, the kids played in the Swan Room (basically a huge room with toys in it) for a couple of hours with a break only to come upstairs and Skype with Nana and Poppie.  It was so good to talk to them after having not being able to for so long.

At 10:00 a.m., the group met downstairs to take the famous "Red Couch" photos.  I am sad to say I am the parent of the only child that cried for the entire photo shoot.  Poor Jackson.  I cannot imagine what was going through his mind.  Whatever it was, he cried and was only comforted once I picked him back up.  Here are photos from the couches:

And finally the photo of our entire group.  It's a big group, but not as big as our last group.

I made this photo extra large so you could see all the sweet children's faces.  The oldest child in our group is 10 years old - the youngest is 9 months old.

After lunch and a short nap, we all traveled about 45 minutes to the United States Consulate in order to take the oath of Citizenship on behalf of our children.  Apparently, there is some sensitive areas to the Consulate, as we were not allowed to take photos.  We did, however, get a picture of the sign.  If you can see the small letters under the flag, that was it.

So that was our day in a nutshell.  As Scarlett was singing on the way back, "One step closer to U.S.A." to some tune I cannot put my finger on.  Rock on, Scarlett!

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MamaOfTwo said...

One step closer... Right on, Scarlett.

Sounds like another wonderful day. I remember feeling very at ease after the consulate appointment, for some reason. Did you have a similar feeling?

Enjoy the rest of your time in China.

love, M.