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Monday, April 19, 2010

God took care of us!

Today we went back to the Medical Exam Office to have Jackson's TB skin test read.  His little arm looked like a wasp had stung him.  The skin rash was very red and raised.  As we feared, the skin test showed positive.  So we had to get a chest x-ray of the little guy to be sure that there was no sign of TB in his little chest.  This medical center is extremely crowded, hot and close.  But I can say that the medical personnel there were all very sweet, extremely competent and we felt very well taken care of whil we were there.
I had asked another couple, Mike and Sherrie Coffey, to please pray that Jackson's test was a false positive and that we would not have any problems.  They prayed with us, and God took care of the rest.  We are happy to report that Jackson's chest x-rays show his lungs as completely normal.
After that little drama, James, Jackson and I did a little looking around the island.  Mom and Scarlett played in the park and did some shopping of their own.  As we were walking around, we saw some soldiers practicing what appeared to be riot control exercises.  Since this area will be home to the Asian Games this fall, I am guessing that they are preparing for that.  Although some of the drivers we have seen could use some riot control.
After lunch at Lucy's (yes, again), Mom, Scarlett and I went to the Pearl Market and Jade Market with Ann of Red Threads.  Ann is this tiny little wisp of a girl who can flat out move.  I tried to get a photo of her, but it just came out as a blur.  Seriously.  I am not kidding.  But I did manage to get a photo of the loads of pearls in the market.  The ladies there let you pick from what look like thousands of strings of beads to make a pearl necklace.  Then, they tie knots between each pearl as you wait.  It is simply amazing.  We bought Scarlett a two strand pearl necklace to wear on her 16th birthday and/or wedding day, as well as Jackson one to give a future bride someday.

Choosing the pearls.

Creating the jewelry.
The cab ride to and from the jade and pearl market was not without its perils.  I thought the bus ride was scary.  Whew!  The cab ride cost 10 yuan, but I tipped the driver an extra 10 yuan for just bringing us back alive.

Street scene from inside the death cab.
Anyway, just another way that God took care us.  We made it back in one piece to the hotel, and had a blast with Ann.  If anyone reading this plans on coming to China anytime soon, I hope that you consider using Ann at Red Threads.  She is does a fantastic job at facilitating in the pearl and jade markets.

At night here on Shaiman Island, I believe I have mentioned that there is a light and laser show.  I was able to capture some of the action last night in photos.  So, until Tuesday!

Laser and light show.

Another on of James' signs he loves to collect photos of.

Two very life-like statutes we found.  They kinda look familiar...


Peggy said...

YEAH GOD!!! He is SO faithful!
So glad that you are enjoying your trip to the fullest!
Love & Hugs,
Peggy & Faith

patty kilgore said...

Sorry for the scare, guess God just wanted to draw you closer and show Himself mighty! He does work in mysterious ways... I delight in following your thoughts and adventures; it leaves me breathless at times Laura.

Can't wait to get my arms around you.

Love to all,


MamaOfTwo said...

Breathing a big sigh of relief at the results of Jackson's TB test. God sure does watch over us, doesn't he? So thankful for that.

I can actually picture you guys there in all the locations you speak about. Remembering the sights, sounds, smells - and the amazing shopping. Oh, how I wish I had paid even more attention to the special things that surrounded me during my time there. So enjoying reliving the moments through your time there again.

Continued prayers in this wonderful journey...

Love, M.

Beckyb said...

I can SO sympathize - Jada's came back positive as well - but we had to wait a few DAYS for her xray to come back clear - it was scary but we knew God was in it the whole way! Praying for you - that you finish strong - soon you will be home!!