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Friday, February 20, 2009

The List

I am a list maker. I have to have a list every day to make sure that I don't forget all the things I need to do. Some days, my list is quite short. For instance, yesterday's list had pick up husband, prepare brief and go to job interview. It was short and manageable.

Today's list is long. I am feeling the pressure of this list. It lays quietly by me, seemingly mocking me with its length. Some of the items are time-related, which basically means that I can only accomplish certain items at certain times (like going to the post office, having another interview, etc).

The majority of the things to do are simply to discuss things with my husband (which there are quite a few since he just came back from a business trip). Some of them are housekeeping chores. The rest are work related.

Long Live The List!!

1 comment:

MamaOfTwo said...


I'm a listmaker, too. My lists have lists. Couldn't live w/o them. Makes me nuts when I don't do them. Run in circles, then.

I agree. Long Live The List!