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Friday, February 6, 2009

Childhood memories

What are some of your fondest childhood memories? Is it having a story read to you my your Daddy before bedtime? Maybe you remember playing outside in the snow until your hands and feet were numb, then coming indoors for some hot cocoa and roasting your backside in front of a roaring fire.

One of my earliest memories involved going out to eat with my parents. There was a little family restaurant called the Oak Terrace in my hometown. My parents used to go there a lot. The Oak Terrace was well-known for its delicious food and the all-you-could-eat biscuits and honey. The biscuit were passed around on a large tray. I can still see those biscuits in my mind's eye today.

After we finished eating, I would race outside to the family car (a 1964 Renault) and hide in the backseat thinking, "they'll never find me here!" Strangely, each and every time my parents never seemed to be able to find me. I loved popping up after a minute or two and yelling, "Here I am!" They were always surprised and glad.

Another fond memory was pretending to be a pioneer girl like Laura Ingalls. I would gather all the wild onion in our yard and grind it up to make "spinach greens". I would make plates out of tree bark. I'd make my own broom from twigs and pine branches. I spent hours outside make-believing.

I hope my daughter is making some sweet memories herself. She has made some for me to enjoy as I grow older.

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