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Monday, February 16, 2009

Four years ago today

Four years ago today, Miss Scarlett, hubby and I became a family. It seems like so long ago, and yet, seems like yesterday at the same time. I cannot begin to tell how much our lives have changed since we went to China and came home with an angel.

How does one explain such a blessing? For she is definitely a blessing from God (yes, even when she is whining or doing something she oughtn't).

It can't be done. Happy Forever Day, Miss Scarlett. We love you!

And to all those lovely families that traveled with us, we love you, too! Together we all grew our families.

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MamaOfTwo said...

Happy Forever Day, Scarlett and her Mommy and Daddy! I remember the day you were united as a family so very, very well. And, Proudmama, I remember the look you had on your face the moment you held your daughter. Priceless!

What a happy, happy day. What a blessing! We were so happy to share that day with you guys.