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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jim Cantore vs. Geraldo Rivera

Last night during the news footage of Hurrican Ike in Texas, I was intently glued to the tv for news of how Houston and Corpus Christi were faring with the storm. We have family in both cities (and all made it just fine through Ike).

Anyway, I was on the cell phone with my sister-in-law, Boo Boo, until midnight. She and I love to watch Weather Channel with Jim Cantore (much like my friend "M", who has a crush on him!). When Boo Boo told me that Geraldo was on Fox News, I just had to see what he had to say.

Let me just say, there is NO comparison between the two men. Jim Cantore is a professional all the way. When things started getting dicey, he made a quick decision to get his crew into protected cover. Not so with Geraldo. Geraldo stands on the Galveston seawall, getting bits of paper and who-knows-what blown into his face. Once he fell down. The strangest was seeing him holding onto some fellow with a wind speedometer trying not to blow away.

I am sorry, but Geraldo is no Jim Cantore. So in the big match up, it's Jim Cantore all the way! (This is for you, "M"!)

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MamaOfTwo said...

Oh, my word!!!!! LOVE IT - LOVE IT - LOVE IT!!!!! :)

Big grins and some giggles all the way!!!