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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dentist's Treasure Box

Today was Miss Scarlett's first ever visit to the dentist. She had gone with me a couple of weeks earlier while I visited, and watched intently as our hygienist, Lisa, cleaned and examined my teeth. Lisa, by the way, is awesome. She let Miss Scarlett examine all the tools and watch the polisher polish my teeth. At the end, Lisa gave Miss Scarlett a Princess toothbrush and told her if she came back to her, she'd let her get a toy from the Treasure Box!

First, let me say that there is no substitution for a great dentist! Either you have a way with children or you don't. And Lisa and Dr. Hunley DO! But never underestimate the power of a TREASURE BOX!

Miss Scarlett was excited to get to the dentist. She was positively giddy about the prospect of seeing inside the Treasure Box. She sat like a little trooper in that big exam chair and let Lisa and Dr. Hunley look at every single tooth in great detail. She was so proud. I was so proud! When it was all over, Lisa pulled out the Treasure Box and Miss Scarlett picked a Princess pen and paper set. She was over the moon.

I, of course, was happy it went so smoothly, but not so happy that Lisa found cavities. Yuck. Seems we need to do a much better job at brushing.

All in all, Miss Scarlett was on her best behavior. I even treated her to a new Backyardigans DVD. We go back in two weeks for fillings. She does not yet know what that will entail, but she is looking forward to that Treasure Box again!

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