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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bed and Breakfast

I would love to own a Bed and Breakfast. I can see in my mind's eye a place of refreshment of the mind, body and soul. One of my favorite authors, Melody Carlson, wrote a series of books about such an Bed and Breakfast. The place is called Grace Chapel Inn. In the books, the inn has a plaque over the door stating ... "a place where one can be refreshed and encouraged, a place of hope and healing, a place where God is at home."

How absolutely wonderful that sounds to me! I would love to work on making beautiful gardens, and arranging floral arrangements from the gardens in every room. In the evening, it would be lovely to serve tea and light fare to my guests out on a big covered porch while watching lightening bugs flit about the gardens.
While owning a B&B is not likely to happen for me, I can make my home a place where one can be refreshed and encouraged, given hope and healed, and most importantly, a place where GOD is at home.
Anyone can live his or her dream...even if it is just a part of the dream.

1 comment:

MamaOfTwo said...

That is such a beautiful dream. I can definitely see you doing that and enjoying it!

You and I DEFINITELY are kindred spirits. Owning a B&B has been one of my dreams, too, for a quite a number of years.

I like the way you said you can live even just part of your dream. I guess some of that is based upon perspective!

Thanks for sharing!!!! I love knowing that about you!