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Friday, September 5, 2008

A Friend from the Past

Today I ran into an old friend from back in my junior high school days. I saw her talking to the court clerk, and immediately recognized her...pretty good since it has been over twenty years since we saw each other! She instantly recognized me as well.

I remember spending the night at her house one night. Her step-father was an abusive man, and I walked on eggshells the entire time I was there. It was the first and last time that I was ever allowed to stay at her house. I am sure that if my mom had known what the home was like, I would have never been allowed to stay in the first place.

My friend was always very shy and quiet in school. She left in the 8th grade...pregnant. I did not see her again until today.

She has become a lovely woman. She now has two children and has risen well above her rocky beginning. We caught each other up on our lives best we could in the ten minutes or so before we both had to move on. We hugged each other and promised to try our best to stay in touch. I hope we can.

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