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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

  • Got awakened by a small, giggly girl who wanted a cuddle. I love mornings like this!
  • I am madly studying for my Life and Health Insurance test on Monday. I think (I hope!) that I will do okay.
  • Thinking I'd like to do something crafty with Miss Scarlett today. Maybe look through some craft magazines to get ideas for Christmas gifts. It's never to early to plan ahead!
  • Need to help Miss Scarlett on her introduction letter to her kindergarten teacher. Hard to believe school starts in a little over a week!
  • Trying hard to get revved up to firm up some of the extra weight I am carrying around. I really would like a rowing machine.
  • It's cloudy and kind of gloomy today. Could be a good day to crawl on the couch with a juicy novel.
  • I don't have a juicy novel.
  • Going through the house to give it a good Pre-Fall cleaning. I can't wait until the weather starts to turn cooler!
  • I want to end each post with something I am thankful for... this time, it is my friends - both near and far. I love you all!

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