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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halfway through (Thank goodness!)

  • Today marks "hump day" for the work week. As weeks go, I am glad this one is on the downhill slope.
  • One of Miss Scarlett's classmate fell and broke his arm yesterday - just the second day of class! Poor little fellow was back today sporting a black cast.
  • I worked with our young miss on her writing skills today. Not too bad, but definitely need to continue practicing her letters.
  • Grandparents kept Miss Scarlett yesterday afternoon. She came home with freshly manicured nails and a haircut. Nana and Poppie RULE in this child's mind.
  • I received a phone call from a neighbor today. She wanted to know if she could put things in our yard sale if she gave us half the income from it. As much as I didn't want to fool with another person's stuff, I told her "sure" and that she could keep all of her proceeds. How do I get into these things?
  • Decided I needed another moniker for Miss Scarlett besides Miss Scarlett. Getting too long to type. A friend named her girls Lightening and Thunder. I need something easy like that.
  • Considering "possum" for her moniker. What do you think?
  • Still wanting to forgo the yard sale this weekend and just haul everything to Goodwill, but hubby won't let me. BIG sigh.

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