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Monday, August 3, 2009

Surviving Monday

I had a very emotionally draining day today. Starting with:
  • Sweet talking the daycare into letting Miss Scarlett's best bud, Romy, into going into class with Scarlett.
  • Discussing Miss Scarlett's impending kindergarten schedule with daycare instructor. I am SO not ready to see my little girl start school.
  • Trying to concentrate on work while dreading two major Health and Life Insurance exam looming over my head later in the afternoon. THEN...
  • Taking the exams one after the other. I felt like I had never seen most of the questions before in my life. Apparently, I guessed well because I passed.
  • If that weren't enough, I had to go back to work and finish out the day, totally drained of all energy.
  • On top of this, I am desperately trying to figure out the perfect birthday gift for my dear husband. He's a jewel and deserves so much more than I could ever afford to give him. I have it narrowed down to clothes (yawn), a new DVD/VCR recorder combo (still not sure about that one), or a new laptop for him to play with.
I am glad today is almost at an end. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an easier day.

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