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Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, I can officially say that Jackson Xinqiang Ayers will be our newest family member!  We received the Letter of Acceptance today (surprise!).  To say that we are relieved that we have passed yet another hurdle is an understatement.

Here is his precious face!

He will be two years old February 10.  He is currently in Hunan Province, China.  We are hoping for travel sometime in April or May.

Jackson is what is called a "special needs" child.  His special need is that he once had a cleft lip and still has a cleft palate.  As you can see, his lip has been beautifully repaired by the doctors in China.  We will have his palate repaired once we come home.

Miss Scarlett is very excited to be a big brother.  And we are very excited to become parents to a little boy!

1 comment:

MamaOfTwo said...

Been waiting impatiently to see pics - and his pics were SO worth the wait! Jackson is Too, Too adorable for words!

So very excited for you & your family - and for Jackson, who will get to be part of your loving family!!!

Have I told you lately how happy I am for you??????

Love, M.