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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Today is Jackson's second birthday.  He is still in China waiting for his forever family.  Does he know we are thinking and praying for him every day?  Soon we will be there, and he will never have to wonder where his family is anymore.

Happy Birthday, Jackson Xinqiang!  We love you!


MamaOfTwo said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! Very soon you will know just how much you are loved! Very soon.

Eva said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson!

Your family can't wait to bring you home!

from the BB,
Eva (paddygirl)

cook2china said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! Soon your forever family will be there to get you and you'll never have another birthday without them again. Hang on little one, they are coming.
The Cook family,
Jeff, Ginger, Caleb & Emma Grace