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Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to plan the garden!

We just received our first plant catalog. The variety of vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs available are simply amazing! I love devouring these catalogs and planning my springtime garden. I go through each catalog several times, listing certain items that I want to consider, then changing my mind and picking others. I am excited to get Miss Scarlett involved in planning our garden.

I am considering planting several cool weather crops: lettuce, peas, snow peas, cucumbers, broccoli, and maybe some cabbage. Miss Scarlett thinks that oranges would be a good crop (sorry dear, not here!), as would watermelon and cantaloupe. We may start some plants early in our sun room until last frost has passed. I think we can try the watermelon and cantaloupe.

We had our first adventure in gardening last summer/fall with our four-square raised bed garden. Some things were successful...others not so much. We learned that we don't grow good corn. We do well with pole beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. We did great with tomatoes! We will definitely try those again this year. There is nothing like a home-grown tomato.

So we are perusing our plant catalogs with a fine toothed comb. We may even try some weird exotic flower or some herbs. I think we need another four-square...


MamaOfTwo said...

Ooooooooh! One of my favorite things! What plant catalogs do you get? I so enjoy the gardening process and am looking forward to getting started again this year. I'm looking into branching out with my crop this year, too. Should be fun.


Proudmama said...


I have Burpee and Park. Are there other catalogs you can recommend? I like the ones that have veggies, flowers, trees and some exotic stuff too.


MamaOfTwo said...

I've never picked up any catalogs before. I just figure out what I want to plant and make my purchases locally (seedlings. I have never started from seeds myself yet.)

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to order my catalogs. Can't wait to see what you end up planting this year.