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Friday, January 2, 2009

Mission: Get Organized!

Every New Year, I resolve to get my house in order. I mean, really get organized! Will 2009 be my year to finally reach that goal? Oh, I hope so!

My biggest disorganized mess seems to be in our spare bedroom, which right now serves as a catch-all junk room. It is a disaster! And I am not kidding. I basically crawl over clothes that are too small/too big, toys that are no longer played with, suitcases, a guitar that hasn't been played in years (I mean to play sometime when I have time), scrapbook stuff that has taken over (ditto on time), and who-knows-whatall.

I need help. I need organizational tips. I need encouragement. But most of all, I need to get rid of stuff.

Ever seen "Clean House" with Niecy Nash? I love that show! I love how she talks people into letting go of things that are really cluttering up not only their homes, but their lives. Stuff can suck the life right out of you. Just the day to day energy that it takes to go past that room and groan, "I have got to do something with this place! Not to say that this room is the only room that needs organizing. All my house could use a good organizational sweep. But this room is the one out of control. The other rooms are all relatively neat and clean.

So, I am publicly resolving to get this room in order by the end of January. I will post a photo of the finished room on my blog to show accountability. Will you help encourage me in this endeavor? I will surely need it! Thanks!


MamaOfTwo said...

Hey, L. Happy New Year!!! I am so with you on the need for organization. Can't even tell ya!!!! Anyhow, have you heard of The Fly Lady? Here's her web site and she also has a book, which I have purchased. It has many common sense tips, but sometimes we need a little help. Check out her web site at

Hope you can gain control of your household again, especially that spare room that has become a thorn in your side. I am on a mission, too. :)


Julie said...

I've been purging ALL week...ever since we got home from our out of town Christmas vacation! I hate clutter and ever since I became a SAHM 7+ years seems to have taken over our lives! One would THINK I'd have more time not "working!"

I have 3 close friends who have adopted from China as well. Every week at playgroup, we talk about the fact that it's all "just stuff." We have had two yard sales (something I've never done before), consigned stuff at local shoppes and donated VAN LOADS to the goodwill. My son came home from MomMom and PopPops and promptly got a pile of toys together for "the kids at the hospital. Because they need them more than me Mom!"

Get the kids involved!

have laundry baskets and trashbags set up marked with what you are doing with it or what it is.

Go thru the piles several times before you put in back in the room (or in it's new home)...kind of like packing for China to get it under the weight limit.

BE in the mood!!!!!! I get rid of more stuff when I'm "sick" of the mess than if I don't want to do it.

Just a few tips from one who has BTDT...and is still working on purging her own "junk."

Good luck,
Jules in MD
Wife to Eric (13 years)
Mom to Nathan (7), Connor (safe in Heaven) and Amanda Mei (almost 3)

Julie said...

ooo, I forgot....maybe post a pic of your room on the frig. Sort of like dieting....and constant reminder of what HAS to be done!