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Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Paint Mom's Toenails...

First, you have to choose the perfect color. Today's choice is cotton candy with sparkles. It is helpful to tell your customer that the color will look terrific with all her favorite Princess gowns and tiara.

Notice the "Vanna-esque" displaying of the nail polish for the customer's approval.

Have you determined what color to use? GREAT! Now you can go on to the next step!
(By the way, who is the customer?)

Next, you hog-tie your Mommy. You might need some help with this, so enlist your Daddy. He is always ready to assist in a worthy cause. And what worthier cause is there than beautifying your Mommy?

Once you have that little problem wrapped up, you can begin the painting process. Careful application of the polish is key. Make sure that you maintain easy access to Mommy's toes. This can sometimes be difficult if your Mommy has sensitive feet and is ticklish. Try to keep her mind occupied with constant chatter and a Diet Coke.

Ta Da! You have your finished masterpiece! Now run before Mommy can get untied, grab you, and steal all of your smoochie-kisses!
(I think Miss Scarlett did a bang-up job, don't you?)

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