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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp

Yes.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  I have placed Jackson in Potty Training Boot Camp at our house.  And, it is kinda fun, but a lot of work!  I don't remember having the struggles with potty training our daughter Scarlett.  She was basically trained in day using a popular book by the same name.  Here is a link to it if you're interested in learning more:  LINK!

I have often heard that boys are tougher to potty train than girls, and I am finding that, at least for me, this is the case.  I planned out my boot camp attack early.  I went to Walmart at purchased a few items to act as enticements (read: bribes) to using the potty seat regularly.  I picked up some Cars flushable wipes, fun liquid soap (the kind that changes colors!), Elmo and Thomas the Train pajamas, a Thomas the Train shorts outfit, Thomas the Train briefs, a water gun, a dinosaur egg bath fizzy, and a Thomas the Train DVD set.  Oh yeah, and a bag of M&Ms for me.

I took off work Friday so I could have a full day head's start working with Jackson.  He did really well the first few hours.  Only had one boo-boo all day.  We blew through a lot of the goodies quickly.

Which is why I had to get James to make an emergency trip out with Scarlett for more provisions.  They picked up some puzzles, Pez dispenser (Thomas the Train!), water cannon, a couple of books, some Ring Pops, coloring books, a yellow visor and yellow sand pail.  I am hopeful that these will get us through Monday, when Potty Boot Camp officially ends.

Today we had a couple of accidents - it is hard to remember to go potty when you are having such a good time playing at a sand/water table.  I am hopeful that tomorrow will be as good, if not better!

Off to throw in another load of laundry.  Potty training tends to increase the amount of laundry to be done!

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