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Monday, May 9, 2011


My sister-in-law and I have this on-going joke. Whenever we start to do something and it seems to  inevitably not get done, our go-to excuse is, "I got distracted." In my case, it usually is a child wanting something, the phone ringing, or just walking out of one room into another and forgetting why I am there.

I get distracted.  A lot.

Which is why I like to make lists.  Lots of lists.  I even have an app for my lists on my iPad.  I call it my list of lists.  (Let me go on record as saying, iPads are AWESOME!).

Sorry. I got distracted.

My inability to focus on things make the Challenge a challenge.  That is why I particularly got excited about the List of Six in the Martha/Mary Challenge for Day 6.  Prioritize the top six things you need to accomplish on any given day.  Put them in order of importance.  Only list six things.  If you don't finish one, put it at the top of tomorrow's list.  Easy peasy, huh?  You can read more about it here.

My list for today (and I had to revise it already) is:
  1. Get my hair cut (may throw in an eyebrow wax and totally get pampered).
  2. Find my old resume or create a new one (I want to make some extra income by becoming an adjunct professor at a local college).
  3. Write a new blog post.
  4. Sit in the sun.
  5. Do my Martha/Mary Challenge
  6. Clip 3 year old's toenails.
I have had #6 on my to-do list for about 3 days - I keep forgetting!  So far, I have completed 1 - 4.  Feeling pretty good about my progress!
    Do you keep a to-do list?  What would your list of Six Things be?

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    Jade =) said...

    I love making lists, but ... I REALLY love crossing things off of that list! My Six Lists usually quickly become Sixteen Lists, haha. I get carried away with the list and then can't cross 'em all off.