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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Latest Home Improvement Project - Anything but clean!

I am excited about the latest home improvement project we have going.  So excited, that I have embraced it over cleaning on my 31 Days schedule right now.  Which is fine, because sometimes you just have to do something else to keep from going insane.  Learn about the 31 Day Challenge (that I am behind on) here.

We live in a nice, unassuming brick rancher in a nice, suburban neighborhood.  We bought it several years ago as a fixer-upper, and we have been fixing up ever since - new roof, new HVAC - you get the idea. 

Now we are to the fun part - decorating.  I decided to start on the master bathroom.  I decided that was the place to start for two reasons:
  1. It was small and could be completed quickly, giving me the mental boost to continue in other rooms; and,
  2. while I was sitting there watching 3 year old Jackson play in the tub, I started absent-mindedly picking at the outdated wallpaper.  Half an hour later, I was into full blown wallpaper removal before I knew it. So I kinda had to finish it.
Here is a photo of the bathroom before:

Pretty bland, huh?

Of course, being the Type A, bull dog personality that I am, I of course had to purchase some new things for the bath: rug, shower curtain, towels, and new light fixture.  I drew the line at the toilet cozy, because, well, I really don't like them. 

Here are the goodies I bought:

Yes, the pink poodle is mine.  What of it?

I am really pumped about the new light fixture.  After seeing the old one, wouldn't you agree a change is in order?

I am keeping an eye out for a good deal on a vanity.  All of our old vanities are the 1970's Formica-type.  Utilitarian, but definitely not beautiful.  

I do plan to get back on my 31 Days to Clean.  Honest!  Just not today.

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Katie @ said...

hehe - I love that "but not today". What is the point of a clean house if it doesn't hold the character that makes you love being there? Like the added decor you chose for your bath?