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Sunday, December 14, 2008

They come in threes...

This week started out as any other week. We had doctor's appointments, therapy, school, work, the daily goings-on. On Tuesday, I noticed that the house seemed a little on the cool side. We'd been keeping the thermostat set to 68 degrees, so I thought, "I'll just knock it on up a couple of degrees and get the place warm."

So I did. But it didn't. Get warm, that is.

The HVAC had a problem. We called the guys at Elite (super folks, by the way), and a fellow was here within 10 minutes. He looked at the unit, rest the thing, and the heat was back on. However, he said that he wasn't sure how long it would last as it looked like it was terminal (he'd been nursing this unit along for about 5 years already). No worries, we just hoped it would make it until Spring.

Wednesday arrives cold and rainy. In fact, it rained about 2 inches. I went to court as usual and came home at lunchtime. The house seemed a little cool. You get the idea? We called Elite back. They had someone here (same gentleman) here within the hour. We discussed the pros and cons, and ended up with a lovely new gas HVAC unit by the end of the day.

So we were all warm, cozy and happy. Until the toilet died on Friday.

So we called James' brother, Ron, who is a contractor. James usually handles such problems, but as he is still in his brace, he couldn't get down to work on the toilet, and I hadn't the hand strength to turn what needed to be turned. So, Ron came over and fixed our toilet for us. We were celebrating the revitalization of the second toilet when I noticed that the washing machine wasn't turning on...

The washing machine was working earlier that morning. I had already done two loads. We checked the breaker box...all seemed fine. We noticed that the pantry light, the garage door opener and outlets to same no longer worked. We flipped every breaker to be sure, but to no avail. It must be a bad circuit. So we are trying to figure out what will come next.

Hopefully there will be no more calamities. I here things like this occur in sets of threes. So I am hoping that is one old wives' tale that holds water!

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