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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Easy Bake Oven

Miss Scarlett received an Easy Bake Oven from her Uncle Chris, Aunt Becky and Cousin Joshua this Christmas. Although they have updated the color scheme from the late 1960's, the design is the 100 watt light bulb can cook an entire cake in only 10 minutes!
The first project was chocolate brownies. We learned that you really needed to leave brownies to cool before inhaling, as you can burn your tongue. But the brownies were delicious. Tonight we made a white rainbow cake with white icing. Finally, something was too sweet for Miss Scarlett to eat! The cake turned out okay. Nothing ever really looks as nice as the packages when we try them at home.
I looked on-line for recipes we can cook without buying the almost $5.00 packages. There are loads of Do-It-Yourself Easy Bake Oven recipes. I can see this becoming a regular thing for her. She loves to cook, and I love cooking along with her.
Somewhere, I have a photo of me in my mom's kitchen with my old Easy Bake Oven. I will have to add it to this post if I can find it.
Here's to the Easy Bake Oven!

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