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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Leaving it up to God

It is no secret to my family and friends that I am not happy in my current occupation. It is very stressful most days, and some days almost unbearable. My job causes me to come in contact with some of the most delightful, trusting and beautiful children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves torn from everything they've known due to their parents' stupid, immoral and sometimes pure evil decisions. I cannot compartmentalize my life and keep my job separate from home. I just can't. And this is why I want to find another line of work. Totally unrelated to my current occupation.

Therefore, I have been looking on the Internet, searching want ads, etc. to find some other occupation that won't cause me to lost sleep at night. Honestly, if I could have a regular 9-5 job where, when I leave at 5 p.m. and never give it a second thought, I would be in hog heaven. Right now, working at Walmart sounds appealing.

My problem is what to do. And that is when my good friend, Debbie, suggested that I pray that God bring the job He desires for me to me. That makes perfect sense! Why I couldn't see this for myself, I don't know. I guess that is why God says to surround ourselves with Godly counsel.

So, I have been praying that God would bring me the job He knows I want and need. I can't find it on my own without His help. I am leaving up to God to find it for me and make it clear: "Hey! Look here! This is the job! Right here!"

So I am leaving it up to God. Which is what I should have been doing all along.


MamaOfTwo said...

I know exactly what you mean, Laura. It's so hard to have a completely difficult job that you take home over and over again. And the one you have must just tear your heart out. I hope and pray you are able to find something fulfilling & enjoyable for your next job. It's hard to figure out what to do, though, isn't it? Leaving it up to God is a smart thing - why does it take us so long to figure that part out?!?! Praying you find the right next job. M.

Proudmama said...

Thanks, M!