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Friday, August 29, 2008

Cellular Phones

Why does choosing a cell phone have to be so difficult? My cell phone contract just renewed, and as such, I was "allowed" to received a new cell phone for no additional charge. There are just way too many phones to from which to choose!

We have "Smart Phones" that can surf the Internet, send text messages, play MP3s...some even allow you to watch television! Why do we need to be able to do all of this on a phone? I can remember when pagers were popular...lots of doctors had them. Now, pagers are virtually obsolete. Cell phones have taken over the world!

It took me over two weeks to narrow down what I wanted in a cell phone. Basically, I wanted one that I could see the darn numbers on! The displays are usually too small for me to read the incoming call numbers. My old phone had a voice caller i.d. that spoke the number or name of who was calling. I am unsure if the new phone will do this.

In the end, I ended up getting a black cherry Chocolate phone. It looked easy enough to work and had a large display screen. Hopefully, that will translate to a large number display. If not, I suppose I will be guessing who is calling every time the phone rings.

Only time will tell...

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