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Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks, Boo Boo!

So you may remember a few weeks ago that I was highly embarrassed by the mess in our spare bedroom.  If you don't then allow me the luxury of explaining:

It was a disaster.  A total mess.  Floor could not be seen.  There was a bed in there; however, you would not easily notice it.  It had become the catch-all room that we put our suitcases in, scrap booking stuff, toys that were no longer played with,  hand-me-down clothes too large yet for Miss Scarlett to wear.  You get the idea.

My beloved sister-in-law , Boo Boo, was in for the holidays.  She has a way of cutting right to the heart of things, and before you know it, you are cheerfully tossing things in the garbage that you had sworn the day before that you could never part with.  Maybe you have a person Boo Boo in your life.  Maybe you are a Boo Boo person.  All I can say is, Thank God for people like Boo Boo.  With her help and encouragement, we managed to slough through multiple layers of junk (yes, junk) in about an hour.  We found the floor!  We even found (gasp!) the bed!  Oh my heart!

Boo Boo set up a little staging area in the bottom of the closet for Jackson's things that we were slowly collecting.  She left me with strict orders that I needed to find homes for all the scrapping stuff before she comes back in February.  So now I have a goal and a deadline.  Which I apparently needed.

So thanks, Boo Boo!  I love you.  And you know who you are :>)


MamaOfTwo said...

What I caught in this post was "JACKSON"! Woo Hooooo! LOVE his name! One of my favorites! :)

And thank heaven for the BooBoos of the world. A God send...


Jen said...

Boo Boo needs to come to my house!