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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fingerprints... Check.

We can soon mark off one more "To Do" item from our adoption list - fingerprints.  We got our letter "inviting" us to come get our fingerprints renewed.  Once that little item is done next week, we can just sit back and wait for things to move.  It will all be out of our hands and in God's.

That being said, we'd appreciate your prayers for a speedy revised I-171H (the document from the U.S. approving our request to adopt a foreign child, the Letter of Intent (which states that the U.S. has sent our request to China to adopt Jackson), the Letter of Acceptance (China's letter basically saying they have received our Letter of Intent) , and Travel Approval.  Once we have the Travel Approval, things will move quickly.

Please join us in praying that everything moves smoothly.  God Bless!

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