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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nesting Frustration

For some time now I've had the desire to nest. Maybe it is the time of year, or maybe it is the feeling of urgency to ready the home for another child. Whatever the reason, I am becoming frustrated in my efforts to create the restful, warm, cozy home I so desire.

In my mind, my home is clutter-free. The larder is full of all manner of goodies - both homemade and store bought. My family gathers around playing board games, working jigsaw puzzles or watching Christmas movies. My house is peaceful and virtually perfect.

I know that this is unrealistic, but every time I seem to set myself up for the unattainable. If only I could be a stay-at-home mom, I say to my husband. If only I could have an hour each day to clean. If only.

Then I get a gentle prod from my Father telling me to just be still. Be still. Because He is the perfect nest in the middle of the storm. And you know what? He is!

So while the dervish or the holidays whirl around me, I will continue to nestle into Him. My house my not be perfect, but my Nest is.

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