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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's a BOY!

We received the phone call today from our social worker, Leah.

"Are you sitting down?" she asked.

"Do I need to?"

"YES! You have a referral for a little boy!"

I about died on the spot. Honestly. I am just so humbled and constantly amazed at how good God is to us. If you look back a couple of posts, you will see my rambling on about how I was feeling the urge to nest. That I felt God was blessing our desire to go special needs. And my, how He has blessed us!

I understand that I cannot officially post photos of our little man until we have our letter of acceptance, so I will give a brief idea of our boy:

His special need is cleft lip/cleft palate. The lip was repaired in China when he was 7 months old. The doctors there did a terrific job. His palate will be taken care of once we get him home with us.

He is almost 2 years old. He is shy, but likes to play with toy cars. (what boy doesn't?)

Miss Scarlett, upon telling her that she was about to be a big sister, was a little surprised that she wasn't getting a little sister, but readily accepted the idea of getting to hold a baby brother. She will be a wonderful big sister.

So our family of three is about to become a family of four. What bliss...

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MamaOfTwo said...

He sounds just sweet as can be! I am so, so happy for you all! What a beautiful, beautiful blessing - a most perfect Christmas gift to learn of your child. Priceless.

Simply special. Grinning from ear to ear for you!