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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Tooth

Miss Scarlett has finally lost her first baby tooth. Her dentist mentioned that she had one lose on the bottom a couple of months ago, but I had no idea how soon it would come out. Over the last week, Miss Scarlett had been worrying the thing constantly, trying to get it lose so the Tooth Fairy would come.

Yesterday while she was in daycare, she just pulled it right out! Mrs. Jean put it safely in a baggie so that it would make it home for the Tooth Fairy. On the way home, she and I discussed how the Tooth Fairy operated. When you lose a tooth, you are supposed to place it underneath your pillow before bedtime. After you go to sleep, she (the Tooth Fairy) would sneak into your room in the middle of the night and take the tooth. In its place, she would leave money. How much, we had no idea.

So, Miss Scarlett very seriously placed her tooth (still in the baggie) under her pillow and went to sleep. This morning,you can imagine our delight in seeing that the Tooth Fairy had, indeed, visited. Not only did she take the tooth, but she left FIVE DOLLARS! Yes, five dollars.

I will upload a photo of Toothless Joe soon.

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