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Monday, June 7, 2010

Relay for Life

Scarlett, Megan & Jackson

Part of the team - My WonderTwin and Wonder Woman!

Laura, Lexi & Debbie - Lexi won best dressed dog!

This past weekend, our office participated in the Relay for Life to help raise money to defeat cancer for good!  While I have been fortunate enough to not have the specter of cancer follow me, several family members have not been. My sweet grandfather passed away from lung cancer.  I have an aunt, mother-in-law, step-father and niece who have all survived various types of cancer.   It is for them and others who are always listening for the footsteps of cancer behind them that we walked.

The day was oppressively hot and humid, but that did nothing to dampen our spirits!  We arrived at the track bright and early - ready to walk and raise money for cancer research.  A mother/daughter on our team entered their pup in the Dog Parade.  Miss Lexi won Best Dressed.  She was adorable in her Little Miss Perfect outfit on her float.

I am happy to report that the event was a success.  We are all looking forward to next year!

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Joanne Amos said...

Thank you!!! I, too support "Relay For Life." God Is Blessing You!!!