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Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to occupy a small boy...

Just in case you ever need something to occupy a small boy's time for awhile - get him a Hot Wheels storage case and a few Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.  He will spend hours arranging and rearranging cars in the thing.  Case and point:
First you hand the boy the Hot Wheels storage case.  The wheel case is especially nice because it also spins!  Bonus!  We have the Cook Family to thank for this ingenious gift.  It is one of Jackson's favorite things.
After spinning the wheel case for awhile, the small boy  carefully inserts each and every car, truck, motorcycle, and construction vehicle he owns into the slots.  One must be deliberate in the placement of each item.  Some slots are bigger than others, and some vehicles are longer or higher profile than others.
Turn the case around and do the same thing.  Note that the slots on the other side are different.  Hmm.  Does this mean that he needs to rethink the earlier arrangement on the other side?
You dump them all out and start over.  After all, a boy's cars have to be perfect!   Jackson spent a good two hours arranging and rearranging his car collection in his new storage case.    And Mama spent a good two hours alternately cleaning and reading a book!  SWEET!

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