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Thursday, May 6, 2010

But I didn't finish week one!

I had such dreams of writing down our first week of home.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.  Let's just say that it was a good week - after we made it through all the doctors appointments.  Which we are still going through, by the way.

So on to week two.  And welcome to it!  After yet another week of doctor appointment for both kids, we managed to get very little done other than survive the week.  Jackson has completed his first week of daycare, but not without a lot of tears.  Unfortunately, the tears were from both Mama and son.  I HATE leaving my children in the care of someone else while I work. 

Scarlett treated us all to a "Reader Cafe" at school Monday evening.  The family met at her school cafeteria where she and her classmates all came out of the kitchen with their chef hats and books to read to us.  Her book was "Maddie Loves to March".  She did an awesome job!

Tuesday, Scarlett awoke with a nasty cough that sounded like it was deep in her little chest.  We were able to get into her doctor with no trouble.  Happily, she just has an upper respiratory cough due to allergies.  The pediatrician gave us some samples of Singulair, so hopefully she will be soon on the mend.

My stint at Weight Watchers has continued to go well.  I have now lost over 10% of my total body weight and lost two dress sizes, which thrills me.  I celebrated by purchasing a Points Calculator to keep track of my points.

Today I heard Jackson call me Mama for the first time.  So, so sweet to this Mama's ears.  Just an early Mother's Day gift for me.

Speaking of Jackson, we will be going though yet more tests due to his positive TB skin test in China.  The one here in the U.S. was negative, but the chest X-rays were unclear.  The poor little fella has been in a doctor's office almost every single day since coming home from China.  

My two weeks of being a stay-at-home Mom are almost over.  I would have loved to taken another week off.  Two weeks to transition from China to daycare/work is just not enough.  Praying for a solution to my dilemma....

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Peggy said...

Oh Laura! My heart hurts for you that you have to be away from your kids when you would rather be home! I will pray about that for you! I am sure that it must be so hard to leave Jackson....especially if he is crying! Ugh! Glad that Scarlett is feeling better. Ya'll are in my prayers.