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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I've been thinking a lot lately about the paths that I have chosen and whether or not I want to continue down these same paths.  Some paths have been perfect just the way I've travelled them:  For instance, I would definitely choose my husband and kids all over again. I would choose the narrow way and not the wide path. I would not choose the convertible car, but I would choose the minivan (even though it is SO non-sexy!).  I would choose the English/journalism major again.  I would not the law degree.  Do you get the idea?

The cool thing about paths is that you can always deviate from them.  Just be sure that in your trailblazing you keep you eye on the final destination.  In my case, I am not sure of the path, but I AM sure of the final destination: that place where I am able to give my God and my family the best me that I can give.  I can see that place.  I am not sure of its name, though.

I am not on the right path yet, but I have my maps, books and a good GPS.  I have every intention of finding my way.   And I am looking forward to it!  Happy Trails to you!

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