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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pecan Pies and Air Guitar

There is nothing quite like cooking with your six year old daughter. Especially when she is a better cook than you. Miss Scarlett and I decided to make our pecan pies tonight for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. I was pleasantly surprised how competent she was at measuring dry goods and liquids. She cracked eggs into a bowl like a professional chef. Where did she learn all this? Not from me, that is for sure!

While we waited for the pies to do their thing in the oven, Scarlett started singing "We Will Rock You" by Queen. She changed the words a little bit, but I could tell it was that song. So I told her I had the CD. Her eyes grew large. "Really?" she squealed. "Yup." I dug out the CD and played the song.

Right where the guitar takes off on its riff, I did some pretty awesome air guitar, if I do say so myself. Scarlett jumped right in with a mean drum beat. We were unstoppable. We were QUEEN! At least for about 2 minutes - then the song was over.

I wonder if I can find Bohemian Rhapsody?

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